Presented call information when transferring calls

Whenever a call is transferred from a subscriber we have different scenarios about what info that will be presented to the receiving end.

For web-switchboard

Automatic transfer

If a call is made to a subscriber and it’s automatically forwarded to a switchboard queue or an IVR the switchboard agent should receive the following text in web-switchboard;
“Automatisk overført fra <subscriber>” / “Automatic transferred from <subscriber>”

Transfer from personal VM

If a call is made to a subscriber and reaches his/her voicemail and the option #3 is triggered the following text should appear in the web-switchboard;
“Overført via personlig talesvar fra <subscriber> / Transferred via personal voicemail from <subscriber>”

Transferred from a subscriber

If a call is transferred by a subscriber the following text should be added in the web-switchboard;
“Overført fra <subscriber>” / “Transferred from <subscriber>”

For a subscriber’s/agent’s phone

If a call is transferred by a subscriber/agent/web-switchboard we should add “via” in the called phone’s display in all scenarios.


If a subscriber transfers a call to a queue, the agent’s phone display will not be presented with the “Via”-header or any information about where the call is originated from other than the A-caller’s ID.