Skype for Business (Lync) Implementation Guide


It is recommended to deploy the SimCom UCP behind a 3-party gateway. The gateway will then handle both Skype for Business media and SimCom UCP media. The benefits that can be gained from this deployment is that Skype for Business operates on it´s own, while for incoming calls to e.g. a switchboard user in SimCom UCP will get an increase in the services that are important to 3rd parties. Existing Skype for Business environments will have limited need for configuration if this deployment model is used. If different deployment models are to be used, please contact SimCom support.

Skype for Business-status

SimCom UCP reflects presence information from Skype for Business. This information is used to determine the Skype for Business users availability for incoming calls, and for showing presence in the admin GUI and client applications.

For convenience reasons, not all available statuses reflects to SimCom UCP.
Skype for Business-status SimCom UCP-status
 Visual view in SimCom UCP
 Online Available Green icon
 Idle Online
 Available Green icon
 Busy Busy Red icon
 Idle Busy Busy Red icon
 Away Away Yellow icon
 Do Not Disturb
 Be Right Back
 Away Yellow icon
 Unavailable Grey icon

Skype for Business Setup Steps (HowTo from Lync 2010)

Please note that the SimCom UCP server must be able to resolve Lync's edge server hostname.
The steps required for Skype for Business setup are the following:
  1. Open the Lync Server Topology builder.
  2. Add a new PSTN gateway.
    1. Gateway FQDN or IP Address set to SimCom UCP server IP or hostname
    2. Listening port for IP/PSTN gateway set to 5060
    3. Sip Transport Protocol set to TCP
  3. Publish Topology.
  4. Open Lync Control Panel.
  5. Edit Users and enable Enterprise Voice.
  6. Define Line URI to the DID numbers assigned to the VoipNow extension that was set for Lync (format tel:[didnumber]).
  7. Set up a dialplan to use SimCom UCP Gateway.
For more information on how to do this, please read the Lync manual.

Known limitations

External name lookup

In the case where name´s are used during number lookup the MS Lync client will not receive this update. MS Lync will only display a callers name if the callee is located in MS AD.