Microsoft Exchange


This document will help you plan the SimCom UCP setup with Microsoft Exchange. It provides an overview of requirements; details are sometimes in other documents to help minimize repetition of material.

MS Exchange integration

SimCom UCP can be setup to collect calendar data from Microsoft Exchange. The calendar can in turn be used by the switchboard application to show a users presence and/or to give voiceprompts to incoming calls for a subscriber when in meetings, away, vacation, etc.

The user account that is used for the setup must have the "impersonation"-access.

For Exchange 2007 and 2010, please look at "To configure Exchange Impersonation for specific users or groups of users".

For EWS og MS Exchange 2013, please look at "Impersonation and EWS in Exchange".

If calendar codes are to be used with SimCom UCP, an administrator can define the codes under «Integrations – Calendar – Calendar Codes», and in turn configure what events should occur when SimCom UCP reads a users calender when a subscriber gets an incoming call.