Microsoft Active Directory


This document will help you plan the SimCom UCP setup with Microsoft Active Directory. For example it tells you which prerequisites are required (e.g. Internal number (SIP)). It also lists the requirements for the SimCom UCP components to work together.

It provides an overview of requirements; details are sometimes in other documents to help minimize repetition of material.

MS AD Integration

SimCom UCP can be used to sync it´s users from Microsoft Active Directory (MS AD). Username, full name, internal number (SIP), DID, should therefore be defined in MS AD and then in turn syncronized with SimCom UCP. It is always possible to override settings in the SimCom UCP admin GUI, but the values will never be synced back to MS AD.

Synchronize Updates

The data is syncronized from MS AD automatically every day at given time — default 00:00 — in the SimCom UCP admin GUI. If there are duplicated values between one or more users, theese values will not be updated. The datasyncer will only update the fields on a user that are unique and do not already exist in the platform. 

Subscriber Syncronization
Users are populated from a base and for every additional base that is added. Users are not populated recursively at the moment. This means that a users that belongs to an OU under another OU will not syncronize. SimCom UCP will use a field which is defined as a unique identifier to see if a user already is synced to the platform. If a user changes his unique identifier, the user will be duplicated. If a field on a user is already defined on a different user this field will not be updated during syncronization.

Syncing of Groups

Groups are collected and synced from the Base in MS AD and for every additional base that defined in "System - Sources - Preferences". Groups will be collected recursively. All groups that are located underneath an OU will be syncronized to SimCom UCP. The groups are visible within the node that the subscriber belongs too. A group may therefore belong to multiple nodes. When syncing groups, the groups unique identifier (objectSid) is used as the unique ID of that group. This field is not visible in the SimCom UCP admin GUI. The groups unique identifier is used to track a group, even if it change´s it´s name.

Assigning Users to Nodes

During the syncronization from MS AD, the first rule which is defined under "System - Sources - Filtering" is used checked first. If all criteria´s are met, the rule make´s sure that the subscriber is synced to the given node. If one or more criteria´s are not fulfilled, the next rule in the list is checked. The system has noe limitations regarding the amount of rules for a source.

If a user do not fulfill any of the rules in the list, the subscriber is handled by the action "Brukere uten treff på ovenstående kriterier".
You can easily change the order of the rules by dragging a rule up or down an existing rule. No criteria, except for regular expressions, handle upper or lower case characters.